Conditions of Use

Conditions of use


General conditions
By using the Internet site of Boutique Vices et Caprices and/or purchasing online, you accept the terms and conditions that are managed by the laws of the province of Quebec and the laws applicable to Canada. Boutique Vices et Caprices reserves the right to modify or change at any time the terms and conditions of this page without notice.

By no means is Boutique Vices et Caprices responsible for any damages coming from the use of this site. Furthermore, the company is released from all responsibilities on damages caused by navigation on the site or by the downloading of materials, data, texts, images, video, audio or updates of the various programs found on this site.

Boutique Vices et Caprices does it’s best to represent and accurate and up to date content. However, Boutique Vices et Caprices does not guarantee that the information found on this site is without mistakes. These mistakes may be found in the prices, in the descriptions or in the availability of the products and/or services. Also, Boutique Vices et Caprices made sure that the images, the texts and the prices found on this site were up to date at the time this page was uploaded to the site. Boutique Vices et Caprices is also not responsible for the photographic or typographical mistakes. In addition, the company did it’s best to represent the products with the most accurate colors as possible. In spite of the fact the colors may differ from one type of screen to another, it is impossible to guarantee that the color seen on your screen is the color of the viewed product.

Boutique Vices et Caprices reserves the right to modify all mistakes, modify all texts or to update the site without notice. Also, all orders sent in that contain errors or that lack information, can be cancelled at any time by Boutique Vices et Caprices, even if the orders were confirmed and charged to your credit card. On the other hand, if the cancelled purchase was charged to your credit, the company will credit your credit card immediately.

With sole discretion and with all the other rights and resorts at its disposal, and without taking the responsibility, in any manner, Boutique Vices et Caprices can at anytime and without notice, stop or limit your access to any element of the Boutique Vices et Caprices site.

Property and use of the site
The Boutique Vices et Caprices web site is completely covered by the rights of intellectual ownership, including royalties, trademarks, trade names, words, advertising currencies and logos used under licence by Boutique Vices et Caprices. The content of this site is protected by the copyright laws, including the texts, graphics, images, logos, icons and software. All rights reserved. You can download or print pages and/or parts of the Boutique Vices et Caprices site, as long as you do not remove the copyright or ownership mentions. Otherwise, this will constitute a violation of the terms of use.
The Boutique Vices et Caprices web site cannot be, entirely or partly, downloaded, copied and presented, without the written authorization of Boutique Vices et Caprices. It is prohibited to sell, modify or duplicate elements of this for public or commercial purposes without authorization of the company.

Third Party links
Boutique Vices et Caprices may contain links to other sites simply by convenience. Please note, the company did not verify and does not verify any links related to its own site and does not assume or accept any responsibility with regard to the contents of these sites, products, services or other objects offered via these sites. If you reach other sites via Boutique Vices et Caprices, you do it under your own responsibility. We invite you to read the Terms and Conditions related to the visited sites.

Boutique Vices et Caprices reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice the prices of the items on this site. All items you place in your basket will show the current price posted on the page of the product. Please note that all prices are the prices of the articles before taxes. Taxes are not included. The government of Canada and Quebec determines the taxes. Boutique Vices et Caprices cannot confirm the price of an item before you place your order. Any applicable tax is perceived once the order is placed. In spite of Boutique Vices et Caprices’s efforts to be as precise as possible, the price of an item found on the site can prove to be inaccurate. Boutique Vices et Caprices will not charge your credit card before your order is entered for delivery. If the exact price of an item is lower than the one on the site, the exact price will be charged. If the exact price of an item is higher than the on the site, Boutique Vices et Caprices will communicate with you by email or telephone in order to advise you of the cancellation of your order. This policy applies to every product sold and delivered by Boutique Vices et Caprices.

Product Availability
Please note certain products may require a special order, may not be available in certain areas or may not be available in the two official languages and are indicated as such. Boutique Vices et Caprices reserves the right to modify the availability of a product without notice. Boutique Vices et Caprices is released of any responsibility concerning the delays in deliveries caused by the carriers. Boutique Vices et Caprices reserves the right, with discretion, to limit the quantities, to refuse orders, to close accounts or to cancel orders. Accessories related to a product are not necessarily included unless indicated as such.

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